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Conduct ----------- The following activities are unacceptable on EC DAWG: 1. Posting offensive language, comments, video, or images. Unacceptable content includes swearing; racist, sexist, homophobic language; behavior intended to provoke or belittle other members; violent or sexually demeaning content; and discussion of excretory function. Posting graphic images or videos of people or animals being harmed is prohibited. 2. Personal attacks. This includes insinuation, ridicule and personal insults, regardless of whether direct or indirect. Attacking an opinion, belief or philosophy is acceptable, but attacking the person making the comments is not. 3. Other inappropriate content and behavior prohibited on EC DAWG: This includes copyrighted material, serial codes, and posts made to promote a website, group or product, particularly if made repeatedly and without other participation in the DP community (spamming). This also includes discussion of locked topics, discussion of banned members and why they were banned and anything else that purposely causes conflict with other members. Posting Specifications -------------------- * Please don't post duplicate threads. * Don't spam the forums with affiliate links * Reposting a locked or deleted posts or threads is against the rules. (unless an admin authorizes you) * Personal attacks against people or other sites are not permitted. If you have an issue with someone, talk to them about it somewhere other than our forum. * Ensure that links and pictures in posts fit the page format * Posts which disrupt the page format may be edited or deleted by the Moderators. * Mentioning your own site is only permitted once you've contributed useful content to the forums. * Owners of EC DAWG reserve the right to delete, edit, move, or lock any thread for any reason. Signatures, Avatars, and custom ranks. -------------------- * To use a signature, we ask that you place the signature text in the signature form on your user profile. Including signatures in the actual text of your posts is not permitted. EC DAWG moderators may edit any post that contains a signature in the text of the post. * Please keep to the rules for avatar size, which can be found at the bottom of your Profile page. Spamming -------------------- * Do not create multiple topics in a short amount of time. * Do not create multiple similarly themed topics; please combine them into one topic. * Cross posting is allowed within reason. * Please do not create pointless threads. These will be locked or deleted. * Do not post just to post. Your post count can be reset if administrators feel you're doing this. * Your posts may be deleted if they break any of the above rules about spamming. Terms of Service -------------------- * Members must read the terms of service. Members who violate the terms of service may be banned or warned depending upon the severity of the violation. By using the forums, you are agreeing to the terms of service. User accounts -------------------- * Each user of EC DAWG is only permitted to hold one user account unless given permission by the owner's of EC DAWG * Impersonating someone is not permitted. * Within the first 24 hours of membership a user may request a username change for ANY reason. Any time thereafter there must be a special extenuating situation for me to change it.